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I am so excited that you now have your full wedding collection! But now what? You need to get those beautiful photos on your walls for you and your family to cherish!

And let’s talk quality for a second!

My hope is that these photos will be cherished and loved for many years to come! So I really want your photos to be equally awesome hanging on your walls as they do on a computer screen!

And rather than trying to print your own photos and products at a low grade kiosk, I have made it super easy for you to have quality prints and products delivered right to your door. The best thing… you don’t even have to leave your home! Simply browse your collection in the gallery, choose your favourites, and showcase them with some beautiful specialty prints to hang in your home.

Use the code 'HAPPILYEVERAFTER'* to SAVE 20% OFF on any print and/or product order made from your online gallery.

*This code is valid for two months from the date of gallery delivery.

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I would love to see your photos hanging in your home.

Send me a photo when they arrive!

Thank you again for sharing your story with me.

– Jess, xo