Lifestyle Photography

Jessica Little Photography is a Niagara photography company that is excited to celebrate life through the experience of a lifestyle photography session.

Because Life is beautiful.
Life should be celebrated.
Your story is worth remembering.

Being invited into your lives is an incredible honour! One in which I never take for granted. Along with capturing the wedding day of a happy couple, I am always so excited to be asked to continue to capture the milestones that follow. It is so fun to spend more time with you as you continue on with building a family. I love to celebrate these moments! Furthermore, I have always wanted my photographic journey to be about making lifelong clients and friends. I love to invest in the hearts of the ones who invest in me.

Lifestyle sessions are becoming increasingly popular for JLP! These sessions are often reserved to celebrate an engagement, pregnancy, family or the joy that comes along with bringing your new baby home! It is a session that is a snapshot of a day in the life of you and your family. A collection of images that highlight your every day in an artistic way!

What to expect

Lifestyle sessions are usually 1-2 hours in length and generally take place in your home. These sessions are truly about capturing you in your own element. I want to stress that there is no need to worry about doing your hair, or taking the time to organize matching outfits! This is a session that is fuelled by highlighting your true authentic selves. The goal is to tell a story about your everyday life in an artistic manner.

My goal is to blend in with your family, reaching a comfort level in which you forget that my camera is pointed to you at all. I want the Lifestyle Photography session to be a time in which you are just in your own element. Because life is all about enjoying life alongside the ones in the forefront of your everyday!


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