1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions

Are you a photographer that is looking for a mentor?

Photography is a business that is a beautiful path. But with so much to learn, it can undoubtedly leave you feeling lost, confused and deflated.

I have spent nearly nine years focusing on growing not only as a photographer but as a business owner. My success is a testament to the endless hours, and thousands of dollars I have invested on learning this craft and magnitude of techniques to run a profitable business. It has been my own experience of returning to college to study photography, travelling for workshops, hiring mentors and endless self teaching that leaves me with so much to share with you. I know firsthand how truly important your time is and I am so excited to help push your career in the right direction.

I believe that being a profitable artist is a combination of being good in many areas and wearing many hats. Your success is going to be defined by much more then your ability to take a good photograph. I want these sessions to focus on the areas you need the most help with.

Mentoring sessions are customized to focus on exactly what area you want to work on in your photography business. You simply choose what we focus on! Nothing is off limits during these mentoring sessions. I want this to feel like sitting down with the most helpful friend. I am ready to be your sounding board and provide you with tangible advice to help push your business to the next level. No BS, No fluff! Just real talk between friends.

Mentoring Sessions can include: (but are not limited to)

  • Portfolio/website review
  • Tips to getting yourself re-inspired
  • Goal setting & constructive criticism
  • Business management
  • Marketing Advice
  • Blogging Guidance
  • Pushing past creative ruts
  • Shooting & Posing
  • Editing & Workflow
  • Tips for finding good light

These sessions are super casual and will be the two of us sitting down in person or on Skype. They are 3hrs and are sure to include lots of coffee, snacks and a ton of positive feedback.


Use this contact form so that we can begin to discuss your photography aspirations:

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3Hrs in Person
3Hrs on Skype

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