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Photography Workshop


Whether you are beginning your journey into photography or looking for fresh strategies to move you forward I believe that this workshop could be of significant value for you!

After a decade of building a photography career I have a ton to teach you and I am certain this day will get you excited about your future.

This workshop will be designed and organized in a way that will ensure our day together is intimate and personal. One way I have decided to ensure the intimacy is with a very short attendee list at 6 photographers max.

This will allow me the time to make sure I listen to each attendees questions  and offer my attendees comfort in opening up. I want to offer focused attention and provide personal advice that is really going to help your business grow.

My aim for the content will be 80% business and 20% soul! I want you to leave feeling confident in new ways to handle your business like a true boss. But I also want to ensure we take the necessary time to get ourselves reconnected with our why.  My personal development tips and insight will provide you with deep questions to ask yourself and have you created from a place of heart in no time. 

This workshop will cover:

    • Setting & establishing goals
    • Connecting your art to your why
    • Strategies to becoming a better storyteller
    • Social Media Strategies
    • Q&A session around the fire to conclude of time together.

This workshop will teach you:

    • Tips to improve your photography style
    • How to read light and make interesting photos
    • How to evoke authentic emotion from your subjects


    • Email response templates
    • Client questionnaire & wedding day timeline template
    • My directing/posing guide.
    • New headshots for your website

Pricing Options

All Prices are in CAD
1 Day Intimate Workshop $500    |    12–10PM    |    LUNCH & SNACKS PROVIDED

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