My Style

My hope is that when you browse my work, you feel something. If you do, then our relationship is off to a perfect start. The heart of my work lives in retelling a piece of your life story. Authentic documentation of our time together. Real moments, real laughter, real love.

My documentary photography style focuses heavily on emotion, interaction and natural moments! When it comes to photographing you, I try my best at blending in with the scene! Whether we are hanging out at your home for a candid lifestyle session or find ourselves in the middle of your wedding day. I want to be as hands-off as possible, a fly on the wall some would say.

My talent lies in seeing the emotion in the moments you are genuinely partaking in and showcasing them in the best light.

I love to read light as much as emotion. I am always looking for patterns, unique shadows, and bursts of natural light. So with that being said, I am not afraid to quietly step in and provide you with guidance when it comes to ensuring your photos will have beautiful light, unique composition, and artistic flare.

Aside from a few key moments and minimal photo requests, I don’t do a ton of ‘posing’ during our time together and my clients aren’t generally looking directly at my camera. I prefer a method of ‘directing’ you in a way that gets you moving, interacting, or simply just allow you to be yourselves. It is in these moments that I find you reach a level of contentment and this allows me to capture something of truth.

In a true effort to again tell your story, I will focus on photos that will showcase some crucial evidence of how the day truly unfolded. Details that may be included in your collection will reflect what the weather was doing, the candid imagery of family and friends who were present, the surroundings, such as buildings, rooms, and many other details.

It is so important to know that your photo collection will reflect the true vibe of my time with you. Personality truly shines in images, and the more you are relaxed an able to be yourself the better! If our time together includes a ton of laughter, jokes, movement, then your photos will reflect that energy. But if our time together is quiet, slower and more intimate, then your photos will of course reflect that calm energy.

Following a session or wedding day, my clients all receive a curated collection of images, all carefully chosen by me and edited to my style. The final collection will include a mix of black and white as well as colour images. Every client receives their full collection on a password protected online gallery as well as a keepsake USB (unless otherwise specified in a promotion). More information regarding wedding collection details can be found on the info page.

I hope this added information regarding my style and approach helps you make the decision if I’m the right photographer for you. If I seem like I may be the perfect match for you, then please contact me here. I can’t wait to hear your story!

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