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My Style

As you browse my site, view my photos and get to know me, I hope that you feel something. If you do, our relationship is off to a perfect start.

Truth be told, I have a big sentimental heart.

My style of photography retells a piece of your life story. I create in the space of authentic documentation, highlighting real moments as you live in the present, powerless to inevitable time passing.

The moments I witness and capture are often the biggest ones in your lives. The day you marry your best friend or welcome your first baby home.

My story telling photography style focuses on your relationships. I always try my best at blending in with the scene, encouraging authentic expressions and comfortable body language from you.

My talent lies in seeing the emotion in the moments you are genuinely partaking in and preserving them in the best light.

My second love in photography is light. I am always looking for patterns, shadows, and bursts of natural light. I will guide you to ensure your photos have beautiful light, unique composition, and an artistic flare.

Aside from those key moments like family and wedding party group shots, I don’t do a ton of posing during our time together, and my clients aren’t generally looking directly at my camera.

I am here to retell your story visually not orchestrate you into different poses.

I understand the time, effort and energy that went into designing your perfect day. Those details will be included as part of the story telling of your day. You can expect to receive photos that reflect what the weather was doing, surroundings such as buildings and landscapes, and so on.

It is important to note that because my style is a storytelling approach, your photo collection will reflect the authentic vibe of my time with you.

If our time together includes a ton of laughter, jokes and movement, your photos will reflect that energy. However, if our time together is quiet and intimate, your photos will reflect calm energy.

Personality truly shines in images, and the more you are relaxed and able to be yourself the better!

Following your session or wedding day, you will receive a curated collection of images carefully chosen and edited to my style. The final collection will include a mix of black and white and colour photographs.

Every client receives their full collection on a password protected online gallery as well as a keepsake USB. *

Tangible items including but not limited to; prints, canvas wraps, albums, or announcement cards are all available following any session or wedding. These items can be customized and purchased through the JLP store attached to your online gallery.

More information regarding wedding and photography collection details can be found here.

I hope this helps you decide if I’m the right photographer for you. If I seem like I may be the perfect match, please contact me here. I can’t wait to hear your story!

*Unless otherwise specified in a promotion or package.

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